Privacy Policy

The Term OMT will replace Open Mind tutors and the business in this document:

1. OMT will ensure to keep the personal information of the tutors and students confidential and will only provide it to others in the case the tutors/students ask us to or give permission to do so. 

2. OMT will not sell out the email addresses of the users.

3. The OMT logo and name is a registered intellectual property and any distribution and duplicate of this intellectual property is prohibited without consent. 

4. OMT users, by signing in, will automatically allow OMT to store user information using cookies, which will keep a track of the user activity. The user can delete the cookies, if desired.

5. User information that OMT will collect includes traffic data, location data and other communication data. 

6. OMT will record IP addresses of the users to analyse traffic and monitor the use and abuse of the site.