Terms & Conditions

1.) Introduction

This contract is meant to help the student and tutor to understand all tutoring activities carried out in relation to the website with the domain: www.openmindtutors.co.uk. The website will help to connect students and tutors for lessons however Open Mind Tutors will only be responsible for its own action and will not be responsible for the actions of its users (either tutor or student). 

Please note that the terms and conditions may be changed without notice. 

2.) Terms of Booking

When a student uses the website to book a tutor, an agreement is made for the tutor to give a lesson to the student at the specified place and time. The student should understand this agreement before making a booking.

2.1) To book a tutor, the student must register on the Open Mind Tutors website by providing basic information and verifying their email address. 

2.2) The lesson will be considered “booked” when the tutor accepts the booking and the student has paid the agreed amount for the lesson through the website. 

2.3) Before the student has booked the lesson by following all of the steps, the timeslot of the tutor will be shown as available.

2.4) If a tutor has been booked, this means that the tutor and student have an agreement to participate in a lesson at the address agreed through the website. The agreement may be dissolved by cancelling the lesson in accordance with section 3 and is also subject to other terms of this agreement. 

2.5) If not previously agreed, the travel expenses will be implied to be included in the price set by the tutor.

2.6) After the student and tutor connect through the website, they agree to use Open Mind Tutors for all future lessons between them.

2.7) Open Mind Tutors will take reasonable measure to inform the tutor of the booking as soon as possible, however bookings at short notice should be regarded as provisional until they are confirmed by the tutor. 

2.8) The tutor must be paid according to the time agreed prior to the booking. Any additional time that the lesson takes  must be mentioned through the website portal and must also be paid for by the student. 

3.) Cancellation of bookings

In order to cancel a booking, the termination must be made through the website. This will terminate the agreement between the student and tutor and both parties will be emailed by Open Mind Tutors. 

3.1) The student may cancel the booking through the website before the lesson starts. The tutor will be informed by Open Mind Tutors.

3.2) The tutor may also cancel the booking through the website before the lesson starts. The student will be informed by Open Mind Tutors and will also receive a full refund.

3.3) For cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance of the booking time by the student, a full refund will be given to the student.

3.4) For cancellation made within 24 hours of the booking by the student, the refund will only be made if the tutor and Open Mind Tutors agree to it. 

3.5) All cancelled slots will be made available for bookings by other students unless the tutor cancels the slot.

3.6) It is not allowed to cancel any booking after the lesson time has started. 

3.7) Only cancellations made through the website will be allowed. Cancelling by direct communication with the tutor is not allowed.

4.) Terms of Payment

4.1) Payments will be made by the students by using the payment system provided on the website. 

4.2) Payment information will not be held by Open Mind Tutors and all payment will be processed by Open Mind Tutor’s PCI compliant partner.

4.3). Payment processing is not the responsibility of Open Mind Tutors, however Open Mind Tutors will help with communication and dispute resolution if deemed necessary. 

4.4) The lesson will be considered to have taken place if the tutor or student raise an issue within one week of the booking time. 

4.5) Tutors will normally be paid out within 15 working days of the lesson. 

4.6) All payments and bookings will be displayed under the payments tab in the registered user’s dashboard.

4.7) All payments should normally be made in advance before the booking. It is however possible to book a lesson that has already happened such as in the case where the student and tutor agree to extend the time for a lesson. 

5) Responsibilities of the Student

5.1) The student is responsible for acting in compliance to the site usage policy and terms and conditions. The student must also be of legal age, be in a capacity to agree to these terms, provide accurate, current and complete information about themselves, and is also responsible for the security of the password and identification associated with his/her Open Mind Tutors account. 

5.2) The student is responsible to make sure that the correct address is mentioned in the booking and give the tutor sufficient details of his/her requirements so that the tutor can accordingly prepare the lesson. 

5.3) In the event that a lesson does not take place, the student is responsible to inform Open Mind Tutors within a week of the booking to raise an issue. The student will be refunded after the issue has been investigated by Open Mind Tutors. 

5.4) The student should never pay the tutor directly. The student is also responsible to report the tutor to Open Mind Tutors if the tutor asks to be paid directly. 

5.5) The student should accept that Open Mind Tutors is not responsible for the tutor’s conduct. 

5.6) The student must discuss the nature of the lesson with the tutor before the booking and must also realize that many tutors will not agree to complete work on behalf of the student. 

6)Responsibilities of Open Mind Tutors

6.1) To provide a website that allows tutors to advertise themselves whilst students may search and book their desired tutors. 

6.2) To verifying the identity, DBS checks, references and certificates of the highest qualifications listed of the tutors advertised on its website. 

6.3) To collect payments when bookings are made.

6.4) To communicate bookings and cancellations to the student and the tutor visa email. 

6.5) To refund payments in the event of a cancellation. 

6.6) To investigate any issues communicated by any party involved in a booking. 

6.7) To pay the tutor within 15 working days where no issue has been reported and decide how to allocate the payments. 

7) Future Bookings

7.1) The tutor and student must accept that they will use Open Mind Tutors for all future lesson bookings between them. If either student or tutor try to undercut, transact independently or otherwise disinter-mediate Open Mind Tutors, they will be required to pay expenses on all independent bookings and will also be blacklisted from future use of the website. 

7.2.) All future bookings between the student and tutor are subject to this contract.