Tutor FAQs


Open Mind Tutors provides an online platform for tutors of all subjects and levels to advertise their services and availability online. It provides an avenue for you to manage your bookings and collect payments whilst also providing tutors with the chance to host classes for group tuition. Further to this Open Mind Tutors will provide support and provide a chance to earn lower commissions and other rewards based on your commitment to our partnership.

The Open Mind Tutors platform is free to register for all tutors! Tutors are allowed to set their own rates according to their preference. Open Mind Tutors will only charge a minimal commission of 15% - 35% of the lesson fees to the students in order to keep this service up and running. Tutors who are able to show commitment to the website will be charged lower commissions (meaning even less will be deducted from your payments) and will receive other rewards such as increased visibility on the website, free OMT merchandise, and more! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and guidance.

In order to get listed, simply click on the “sign up” button in the top right section of the website and create your profile. Please list all your achievements and spend some time to write a personal biography that outlines why you would make a great tutor. Just be sure to attach digital copies of your supporting documents with any qualification or experience that you list (References, Qualifications etc). Open Mind Tutors will verify these for you and make your profile more credible. In addition to this, please mention your availability schedule, the subjects you want to teach and at what level. Please make sure to make a .zip archive of your documents before you upload them. After your profile is listed on the website, your profile will show up whenever a student searches for a tutor near your location or a subject that you teach. They can then use the website to contact you and book lessons.

The location of the lesson should be decided by the student and tutor through the website’s inbuilt messaging mechanism. Typically, lessons are taught at either the student’s home or the tutor’s home, but they also take place in public spaces such as libraries and coffee shops. All lesson locations should be agreed through the website’s messaging mechanism prior to the lesson.

You may send your DBS check along with your I.D documents when you create your profile on the website. Make sure the photo is in colour, readable, dated within the last two years and visible in one photo. Note: It may be visible on your profile if you do not have a DBS check.

It is highly advisable for all our tutors to upload pictures of themselves when creating their online profiles.

We need these in order to comply with money laundering regulations and so we can pay you on time.

Once your profile has been verified by Open Mind Tutors, students will be able to send you messages via our internal messaging mechanism. This can be accessed through your dashboard. You will also be sent an email to notify you of the message. You are welcome to exchange location details and discuss the lesson at this point. We encourage all relevant communication to be done through our messaging feature as this will help to have all the information in one place in case of a dispute.

Your rate can be changed anytime by editing it in your profile.

No. Open Mind Tutors only serves as a marketplace to advertise your services and a medium to connect students with tutors.

You will have to wait for a student to message you in order to make a booking. After the student messages and the requirements have been discussed through the messaging mechanism, simply click on “view” next to lesson details when the message of the student is open (Alternatively you may also go to lesson details directly from the lessons tab). If you are happy with the requirements, change the lesson status to “Approved” from the drop down menu in the top right corner. Make sure that the student has paid the amount. You will be sent a notification in the same message thread when the student has made the payment. After the lesson ends, please change the status of the lesson again to “Ask student to mark as complete”. The student will then confirm that the lesson had been completed.

You can cancel a booking at anytime by changing the status of the lesson to “cancelled” from the dropdown menu when you go into lesson details. If you wish to only exclude a student from the timeslot listed, you may change the student status to rejected in lesson details. Please check out our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.

Open Mind Tutors will transfer all applicable fees to your accounts within 10 working days. This is why we require your bank details when you sign up to our website. Please not that this is the only acceptable form of payment from the student and you may be fined if you accept any other kind of payment and will also be removed from the site. This also ensures that students have made the payment before the actual lesson so there is never any chance of failed or delayed payment.