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Hourly Rate Single Lesson £36/hour
Hourly Rate Group Lesson £50/hour
Travel Distance 6 miles
Postal Code N6

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated individual who will begin studying for a MSc Physics at Imperial College London in October.

I am a student who has tutored a high school student in Canada and have taught a variety of subjects as part of summer programs for middle school and high school students. The most notable of these experiences was my time with DMA Canada where I taught programming and 3D animation/modeling with Maya to high school students as part of weekly courses at the summer camp. I worked with DMA for 7 weeks and I believe I did a great job in teaching my students as they went from being unsure how to start programming to building rudimentary, and in some cases advanced, games in 5 days.

My approach to teaching is that I care about ensuring that my students learn the subject in such a way that they develop an understanding and framework that allows them to build upon their skills in the future.